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There are many kinds of injustice — for both business owners and the criminally accused. Our mission is to combat injustice in all its forms.

False Charges

A criminal charge can dismantle your entire life — especially when the allegation is false. We’re here to fight against bogus charges.

Police misconduct

We have absolutely no tolerance for officers abusing their power or overstepping their bounds. If it has happened to you, give us a call.

William L. Morris

We Fight to Protect You

There are many words we could use describe William — persuasive, experienced, smart, business-savvy, genuine, kind. But the most important thing to know about William is simply this: once he’s on your side, he doesn’t back down.

Down to earth on your side

“I wasn’t raised to be a lawyer. I chose to become one so I could protect real people from real injustices.”

-William Morris
The Right Kind of Help

Years of experience have taught us that what most people really need is help — not jail time. That’s why we look at each situation individually and fight for the solution that’s truly going to benefit our client. No two solutions are ever quite the same, but we know that’s simply a reflection of each case’s unique circumstances.

Practice Areas

A criminal charge doesn't have to derail your life

we will fight to get it back on track

proven results

when you become our client, you become our family

to us, taking care of you is a 24-hour job. At home or in the office, we want you to call when you need us.

When we accept a client’s case, we become more than their legal counsel. We become their strongest advocate, their protective older brother, the friend they call at 3:00 a.m. because they’re in trouble or just feeling worried about their case. Ultimately, we take on whatever role our new family member needs.

As part of our “clients are family” policy, we implement a system of direct communication. In other words, when you reach out, it’s your attorney you’ll speak to — not an assistant.

Of course, there are times when the help you need is purely advisory — for instance, if you are a business owner seeking guidance. Not to worry; our policy applies to you too. After all, a real family is there for you whether you’re starting a business, recovering from a loss, or needing help getting out of trouble.

There are no absolute guarantees in the legal world, but when you come to our firm for help, you can count on three things: 1) We will use our expertise to guide you in the direction we believe to be most beneficial to you, 2) We will be honest and forthright when discussing your case, and 3) We will treat you with respect and compassion. As residents of Maricopa County, that’s the philosophy we live by to better serve you and our entire community.