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Armed Robbery, according to the laws of the state of Arizona, occurs whenever a weapon is used in the commission of a robbery theft. The weapon can be a gun, knife or any other deadly weapon.

You can be charged with robbery even if the weapon is not pointed at the victim.

It's also an armed robbery charge without a weapon if you give the impression of having a weapon and the victim has a reasonable cause to believe you. An example might be using your finger inside a jacket pocket to give the impression you have a gun. That's enough to satisfy the requirement for an armed robbery charge.

Armed Robbery Penalties

Armed Robbery is a Class 2 Felony and carries mandatory 7-21 years in prison under Arizona law. Other penalties include stiff fines, restitution to the victim and more. If you're facing an armed robbery charge, you need a qualified armed robbery lawyer like William L. Morris to help lessen the impact this case will have on you.

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