Commercial Lease Attorney in Scottsdale, Arizona

Leasing space for your business seems like it would be easy, but in reality, a commercial lease can be very complex. It's also a good time to bring in a business attorney like William L. Morris to help get the best possible lease.

There's More to a Commercial Lease than Price per Square Foot.

Your commercial lease starts with a price per square foot. But there's much more to come. Other costs that you need to negotiate include:

  • Common Area Maintenance. Walkways, hallways, parking lots and more are considered "common areas" for all tenants of the building.
  • Utilities, repairs, taxes. These are often pro-rated depending on the percentage of the building you are leasing.
  • Term of the lease. How long are you committed?
  • Build-out. Depending on your business needs, customizing business space can be very expensive.

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Commercial Lease Attorney in Scottsdale

Agreeing to pay for a share of the repairs on an older property might not be a wise decision. Paying a higher rate per square foot might be your best option if the landlord will pay for a build-out. Having an experienced business attorney who understands negotiating a commercial lease can save you a significant amount of time and money over the term of the lease. Call Attorney William L. Morris today to schedule your free consultation so you can go over your options together.