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Call Arizona Drug Attorney William Morris if you've been charged with Arizona marijuana possession or any other Arizona drug charges. William Morris is an experienced Arizona drug attorney, and can help you get the best possible resolutions of any drug possession charge.

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At the Law Office of William L. Morris, we offer a FREE initial telephone consultation. We also have convenient financing available to make it easier for you to get effective representation from a real Arizona drug attorney rather than just an over-worked and underpaid public defender.

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Arizona drug possession laws are strict and Arizona drug possession and trafficking penalties can be very severe. Law enforcement and prosecutors will be very aggressive in going for the maximum penalties for your charges. Without an aggressive Arizona drug attorney like William L. Morris on your side, you could likely receive a harsh sentence that will be very costly and could include jail time — even for a first offense! An experienced Arizona drug attorney can help avoid the worst penalties or possibly avoid a drug possession conviction altogether. Call our firm today to speak with a skilled drug crimes attorney!