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White collar crime is a term used to describe a series of crimes that are economic crimes - crimes that involve money or property as opposed to violent crimes that involve force like murder, assault or robbery. White collar crimes tend to involve people of higher social status, respectability, and level of trust. Trickery is often involved in White Collar Crimes.

Examples of White Collar Crime:

  • Embezzlement - property stolen by someone who has been entrusted to take care of it. An example might be a bookkeeper who steals some of the company's money.
  • Bribery - giving money to a person in power in exchange for favorable treatment.
  • Larceny - taking property and not paying for it. Extortion - also known as blackmail.
  • Fraud - taking money through trickery. Examples include Identity Theft where the perpetrator poses as someone else, consumer fraud where the perpetrator falsely advertises something, and Credit Card Fraud where the perpetrator uses false credit cards to buy something.
  • Computer Fraud - using a computer to trick someone out of property.
  • Obstruction of Justice - impeding a criminal investigation.
  • Perjury - lying under oath.
  • Forgery - signing someone else's name to a document.
  • Insider Trading - using inside knowledge to make financial gains in the stock market
  • Counterfeiting - presenting money or other documents that are not real


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White Collar Crime Penalties

While each charge has some special twist on sentencing, most are large enough to be felonies. And just like other felony crimes like murder and assault, a white collar crime conviction will carry a lengthy jail sentence, financial penalties, and more.

White Collar Crime Evidence

Since the "forensics" of white collar crime involves paper trails and accounting, it takes a very smart lawyer to be able to take apart a prosecutor's case. And since a white collar crime involves criminal law, you need a criminal defense lawyer. With both an MBA and law degrees, William L. Morris is the right lawyer to call when you're charged with a white collar crime.

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White-Collar Crimes
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