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Theft, under the law in Arizona, is simply taking, using or stealing someone else's property without permission. Additionally, theft charges can be filed against someone who knowingly accepts stolen property. If you're being accused of theft, grand theft or petty theft, call a qualified theft lawyer, William L. Morris.

The property being stolen could be anything, but the severity of the punishment goes up as the value of the theft goes up.

Theft Penalties

If the value of the property that has been stolen is less than $1000, the theft is charged as a petty theft, also known as misdemeanor theft. Petty theft penalties include jail time up to one year, heavy fines, restitution to the victim, possibly the loss of your driver's license, and community service. While petty theft is the lesser of the crimes, the penalties can be quite harsh for this misdemeanor theft charge.

Grand Theft, also known as Felony Theft is more severe and is charged when the value of the stolen goods is over $1000. If you're convicted of grand theft/felony theft you'll face more serious consequences of longer jail time, more restitution, much higher fines, longer probation, and more community service. The more value the stolen goods had, the harder the penalties will become.

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