Business Law Attorney in Scottsdale, Arizona

Starting a business - even a small business - is a big job. Even if you're the only person in the company, there are several important decisions that a business attorney like William L. Morris can help you make.

Getting these steps right will affect your taxes, protection from lawsuits, the ability to sell the company later, dealings with investors and partners, supplier agreements and profitability. Getting these steps right takes the help of a sharp business attorney.

As an MBA and an attorney, William Morris is a great choice for your business attorney. He has the knowledge and the experience needed to help you make the right choices.


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Business Attorney William L. Morris Can Assist With:

  • Business Formation: Arizona LLC and C-Corp structuring, creating bylaws, understanding the requirements to keep your structure healthy and legal.
  • Commercial Leases: Negotiating a commercial lease can save you substantially. We know the ins and outs and can help you get the best property at the best price.
  • Contracts: You'll be dealing with suppliers, vendors and possibly franchisors. We can help you set agreements and litigate them if needed.

Flexible Financing Option for Business Attorney Assistance

In many cases, you'll only need a business attorney to help you get started. In other situations, you might need an attorney "on-call" all the time.

We're flexible and offer:

  • Hourly rates
  • Small retainer with lower hourly rates
  • Regular retainer service with no hourly charges

In addition, many of our services are available at a low flat fee so you never have to worry that calling us to have a question answered is going to run up a huge legal bill.

Business Law Attorney in Scottsdale, AZ

We know finding a business attorney you can trust to help you with your business isn't easy. You need to learn about the attorney's abilities and see how you fit together. I offer a free initial telephone consultation. Use it to check us out and learn more about how we can help you and your business. We're confident we can serve all your needs, whether you're just getting started, selling your business, or something in between. Reach out today!