LLC Formation Attorney in Scottsdale, Arizona

Getting your business correctly set up will save you countless problems down the line. Arizona offers a number of business choices, the most popular is an Arizona LLC. LLCs are also known as limited liability companies. This is not the same as what other states call Limited Liability Corporations. In Arizona, LLC and Corporations are two different types of structures. Both an Arizona LLC and an Arizona Corporations can be of either an S Corp or C Corp for federal tax purposes.

It's already getting complicated, but we can help you decide which is best for you.

An Arizona LLC Can Help at Tax Time

An Arizona LLC has lots of flexibility in how you set up taxes. Making the right choice will affect how you pay taxes - and how much you have to pay. There are four different choices and each has it's advantages, we'll help you make the right choice.

An Arizona LLC Can Protect You from Lawsuits

For many business owners, the key decision to form an Arizona LLC is to protect their personal assets in case of a lawsuit. The reasoning is right, however there are some details that could affect that protection. If you don't get them right, you could lose that protection.

The Arizona LLC is Easier

Corporations have lots of legal requirements: shareholder meetings, board meetings, documentation and filing fees. If you miss any of those requirements you could lose your legal protection as a corporation.

Arizona LLC requirements are much simpler, that's why so many companies use them for their legal structure.

We Can Help You with Arizona LLC Formation

Our Arizona LLC services are available at a low flat fee so you never have to worry that calling us to have a question answered is going to run up a huge legal bill.

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