Burglary Attorney in Scottsdale, Arizona

A burglary charge is made when you have been arrested for entering a property for the purpose of committing a crime. You don't have to have actually committed the crime, just to have entered with the intention of committing it.

Burglary Charge Penalties

Burglary is a felony and has severe penalties including long prison terms, restitution, large fines, and community service. You can expect even harsher penalties to be added if you used a weapon, someone was hurt or killed or if you stole more than $400 worth of goods.

The police and county prosecutor will be building a strong case against you and you can count on them to do whatever it takes to win that case and send you to jail.

If you're facing a burglary charge, you must get the aid of a burglary defense lawyer like William L. Morris to help you avoid the serious consequences. At The Law Office of William L. Morris we'll look for loopholes and inconsistencies and question every element of their case. As an experienced burglary defense lawyer, I'll negotiate lesser chargers or to have charges dismissed. If your case does go to court, I'll aggressively protect your rights and work to win your case.

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