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Arizona has strict DUI laws and harsh DUI penalties. You are considered “impaired” if your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is .08% or higher. There are a number of ways to determine sobriety and blood alcohol concentration including blood tests, urine tests, breathalyzers and a number of skills tests known as Field Sobriety Tests. Depending on the tests given and their accuracy, an experienced Scottsdale DUI lawyer like William L. Morris can challenge the accuracy of the tests and have results disallowed in court.

If you’re convicted on a DUI charge, the penalties can be severe including loss of driving privileges, time in jail, and expensive fines. Your insurance costs will also rise considerably.

Get an Arizona DUI Lawyer

Prosecutors are very aggressive in DUI cases, and your chance of winning a drunk driving defense without an experienced DUI defense lawyer are likely very slim. At The Law Office of William L. Morris, we are 100% committed to protecting your every right and helping you completely avoid or mitigate the effects of a DUI conviction.

Start with a FREE DUI Consultation

We can meet in my office or speak on the phone. If you’re still in jail, I can come to you for a very low rate. It’s important that you get an experienced DUI lawyer to guide you through what can be a very confusing process.

Protect Your Rights

I’ll start preparing your case immediately to find out:

  • If the police officer’s stop of your car was unconstitutional
  • If the officer denied your right to speak to an attorney in private
  • Whether the officer asked or ordered you to take roadside tests
  • If those tests were administered properly
  • What statements you made to the officer
  • If enough time was given prior to a breath test
  • If you were allowed to refuse a breath test
  • Whether the officer submitted all of the correct forms
  • The accuracy of the breath and/or blood test and any subsequent FST’s

I’m on your side

I’ll make sure the other side did everything “by the book” and within the confines of the United States and Arizona Constitution. I will work to protect your every right. I’ll be there every step of the way and I won’t rest!

Free Initial Consultation – Flat Rate – Financing Available

I offer a FREE initial phone consultation. We’ll go over your case and offer some strategies.

When you hire us to go to work for you, our “flat rate” will give you peace of mind in knowing exactly what we’ll charge, and that we aren’t “running up the clock.” We also have convenient financing available to make it easier for you to get effective representation from a real Scottsdale DUI lawyer and not just a public defender.

Talk to an experienced Scottsdale DUI lawyer NOW!

If you need a DUI defense lawyer, call William L. Morris day or night. If you don’t reach Scottsdale DUI lawyer William L. Morris directly, your call will be forwarded instantly and he’ll return your call within minutes – 24 hours a day.

If you prefer, you can contact us by email. Your message will be immediately forwarded to your Arizona DUI lawyer’s phone and you’ll get a response within minutes.

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